Creating your Own Site

Every webmaster creating the website has to remember that site should reach the target group of users, so our website should be included in the search engines. Now I will discuss it for you, which should be paid attention to while creating a website.

When building your site one need to remember about so called SEO optimization. So, what should you pay special attention to?

By creating we have to bear in mind that the website should not contain syntax errors (ie errors of validation). We can check this by using All errors can cause bad display of the page.

The browser displays the title and description of your website, so you should optimize it accordingly. The most important is the title tag, because it is based on the search. Title length should not exceed 70 characters, including spaces. Another marker is the description, where you put a description of the website. We must remember that the description contained in this tag is not more than 150-160 characters, and it is worth paying attention so that description was attractive to the user.

Then we have markers used to highlight content that include h1-h5 headers, as in the newspaper which can separate certain parts of the text. The strongest marks are obviously the highest level that is h1 and h2. Further markers to highlight the content is “strong” and “em” tags. We use them for emphasize 1 – 2 words.

Next its important to create a site map so that search engine index all pages of your website. Submitting search map to Google Webmaster Tools will indicate where to look to find the most important content on our site. Robots.txt file is a file in which we can identify what content should be searched by engine index.

Substituting some of the items on the site we need to remember not to miss some of their attributes. I mean, of course img tags. It is important that the tag image contained the alt attribute. This attribute that can be placed should be a short text alternative (it should be your site or post keywords). Also we can use the title attribute, where we place a description of the item (picture).

The last on my list of items, it is worth noting that there are social plug-ins such as: Like, Share and Google +. As we know all that the power of the community.

Of course I can not guarantee that when you perform these steps your website will reach top 10 Google in no time, but surely all these steps will put you much closer to success.