Improperly deployed code

Improperly deployed code

Editing program – coding is a very important step, because it requires its careful documentation. It is recommended that a record was clear, and the implementation of class modules, procedures took place in legible way. It is important to organize the source code and at the stage of development we should be consistent in the graphical arrangement of the various elements of the program.
Indentation help you to find the instructions for faster troubleshooting and modification of the program.
Quite often, the compiler when it encounters the error, informs the developer, by giving the number of the line.
When we use multiple instructions in a single line of code, it is difficult to find mistakes and it lasts longer than in a proper graphical position. The example below shows the code written carelessly, without proper distribution of the graphic.

Improperly deployed code example:
i  :integer;   begin  for  i:=i  to  10  do  writeIn<‘Hello World’>;   readln;   end.

Code, even though the compiler is able to compile it, it is less clear than if he had been properly distributed like in this example:

i  :integer;
for   i:=i   to  10  **«
write In <‘Hello World’>;
readln; end.

Keep in mind that excessive use of spaces in order to improve the readability of the code can be a disadvantage, cause the text can be too stretched vertically and will be more difficult to analyze. Location of text and comments usually depend on the reason of the programmer.
An important role is played by the comments, which not only help the programmer, but also provide guidance to members of the development team.
When creating modules, proper implementation of the interface is important and should allow for clear and understandable communication. Also, during the implementation of the graphical user interface (GUI), usually gives it a form similar to that of other similar applications to facilitate handling.
An example is the Paint program in Microsoft Windows, which has buttons for drawing lines and filling shapes. Similar buttons are graphical interfaces of other applications, so to a user who knows the Paint program, will be easier to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, precisely because of the similar appearance of the GUI.