List of sites with free graphics and photos

List of sites with free graphics and photos

When creating websites or blogs you need to use graphics from time to time. It’s not a problem if you need a single photo or logo, worse if you have a blog and you need more free pictures. What can you do then? There are three solutions:

Buying graphics / photos (can be expensive if you require a lot of pics)
Taking pictures yourself (time-consuming, not everyone has the talent to take quality pictures)
Download free images (best and fastest option)

As you can see, with a large number of different blogs that you own it may be tempting to look for good sites with free photos. There are some, however, many of these sites are mediocre when it comes to quality apart from those I mention below.

In my opinion number 1 service is It’s a huge base of large quantities of high-quality images. The problem is to perform quick search there, but there is a way with the help of the other service:
While searching for photos don’t forget to mark in the left bar – “license / creative commons” or “commercial” and you’re done. You can download the pictures you find, but of course, cite the source of downloaded image that you place on your website.

A list of sites with free graphics and photos:

A Flickr Search Tool :
Blue Vertigo:
Mayang’s Free Textures:
Creative Commons Search:
Stock Vault:
Free Range Stock:
Geek Philosopher:
Turbo Photo:
Free Stock Photography:
Free Pik:
Kave Wall:
Free Digital Photos:
Every Stock Photo:
Free Stock Photos: